iMEETING 365 for every moment in a meeting!

A web-based interactive whiteboard allowing you to create presentation,
collaborate and sharing the same interactive whiteboard anytime, anywhere.

Interactive Whiteboard

iMEETING 365 is an interactive whiteboard where you can draw and use media objects. iMEETING 365 lets you use video and voice calls, instant messaging and screen sharing.


Collaborate in real time with all participants’ screens by using the same interactive whiteboard. Media items that are added or changes will be instantly displayed on all participants’ screens no matter where they are in the world.

Share your ideas

Be effective during the meeting by sharing knowledge, ideas and decisions. Do instant visual interaction in the same interactive whiteboard.

iMEETING 365 anywhere, anytime

iMEETING 365 is cloud-based interactive whiteboard available on any web browser, tablet or iMEETING 365 client.
You will always have the latest presentation of your work at your fingertips. Create or edit on the go.
With a click will iMEETING 365 be auto-sync across to all your devices.

Easy to use

Collaborate between screens in real time.
Interact and add media in to the meeting.

iMEETING 365 can be use in any type of interactive platforms It doesn't matter what type of interactive device you or the participants are using. – you can still interact in the same whiteboard.

Be flexible during your meeting.
Add media, draw, video talk and chat.

There's no catch. Try it for free.

iMEETING 365 is a web based interactive whiteboard. We make it simple for everyone to share and collaborate in a meeting. Anytime, anywhere, wherever they are.